donderdag 9 mei 2013

Treasures, new and old....

Treasures, new and old....

I don’t usually engage in goodie hunts, they’re just not my thing. But earlier this week, when shopping at Gizza’s, I ran into this surprise; this really gorgeous gown in my absolute fave colour! I was sure that my closet holds enough half forgotten stuff to style it all up with. So I went for it and hunted it down.

I tackled the jewellery first and in my vast jewelbox I came across this old group gift from Finesmith.....Waaaay too nice to be lying there in hiding, unused!

My humongous shoe rack offered Redgrave’s Cathy. Just what I was looking for and in addition I could match the colour beautifully with the dress.

Nails cleverly done in Finesmith’s Lilac and I topped it all up with the Cohimbra HP hair by Vanity. Et voilà, there we have her; set to go for yet another great party.

Oooooohhhh this old closet of mine.......

Hope you like!


Gown:                    The Runway Perfect Gown. GizzA
Shoes:                    Cathy, Redgrave
Jewellery:              FINESMITH APRIL GIFT
Hair:                      Cohimbra HP, Vanity
Nails:                 Lilac, Finesmith