maandag 17 juni 2013

Back in Business.

Back in Business.

It happens to all of us, we all know and hate it: RL interfering with our SL. This time it happened to me, so it has been a while since my last blog.

Finally this weekend, I found the time and the right frame of mind to go out shopping and come up with a blogpost. First time in weeks......

The weather was great, the sun was out and everything blooming and flowering filled the air with that special smell of summer. What an atmosphere to pack a big bag with Lindens and a good mood and head out for a merciless spree, with no intention at all to take any prisoners whatsoever... OMG, how I love this !!

I was surprised by the amount of new shops of all kinds that have emerged lately. I had my wicked way with a whole score of them; I’d been saving notecards from shops I knew I just had to visit.

Behold the result:

At the . L I M I T E D . B A Z A A R . I found this colourful, summery FLORA outfit by GIZZA.
Scrounging around at L’ASSESSOIRES I came across this fab KUNGLERS jewellery.
The DONNA’s I rustled up at REDGRAVES’ shoe department. These offer lots of colour options, so adapting them to my outfit was real easy. Great stuff.

I found this gorgeous giant pergola and thought it would make a wonderful summery backdrop for a couple of pictures.

Hope you like!


Dress:               Flora outfit, GizzA
Shoes:               Donna, Redgrave
Necklace:          Yara, Kunglers
Hair:                  "Sayaka3", ""D!va""
Nails:                 SOlid Red, Finesmith.