maandag 15 juli 2013

The Big Boat

The Big Boat

I was born in a place relatively far from the sea. Relatively I say, because I’ m Dutch so, to American standards, how far from the coast could that possibly be.....LOL Anyway, we’re not used to long travel distances (I can hear Seppe roaring with laughter...), so,’s just say it’ s different for us Dutch. We are weird that way.

Anyway, in my childhood, the sea, the beach and boats always held some sort of fascination for me. But there always was a sense of awe as well; my folks weren’t very well off moneywise and the kind of  boats I liked were definitely items from the world of the Rich and possibly Famous. Rendering them alien almost....

So when I was on the gorgeous Italian island of Agrippa with Seppe last Sunday, I spotted this sweet sailing yaught. I wanted to get on board, but on the other hand, the old sense of it being unreachable for me, not right for me ot whatever, held me back somehow. Seppe, sharp and sensitive as he always is, got that right away and he urged me When that didn’ t do the job he grabbed his guitar – he’s always carrying that old raggedy thing around – and started singing for me.....

The big boat is at the landing,
and my baby is waiting to step on board....
The big boat is at the landing,
and my baby is waiting to step on board.
Yes, I know the little girl is leavin’...........
but the reason why, I just don’t know.”

Now, I’ m not leaving...hahahaha!!!! not for all the gold in China or anywhere else...
But it got me on the yaught. He joined me – just made it at the very last second – and we sailed out into the sunset and had a won-der-ful time together.

Have we made any snapshots? Eh.....yah, we have...........Not going to put them up here though.........LOL

Check out the island - and the stylecard if the outfit appeals to you.

Hope you like!

Outfit:         Cotton Jacket Peache, GizzA
Cotton Shorts Ocean, GizzA
Cotton Tank Ocean, GizzA
Shoes:         Siracusa Croc shoes white, Sim I Lar footwear
Jewelery:    DNA black, MANDALA
Hair:           Colbie, TRUTH HAIR
Nails:       Cute pearl, Gabriel
Glasses:   Peacock sunglasses, Finesmith