woensdag 1 mei 2013

The Secret Store - Copacati Tucked outfit

The Secret Store - Copacati Tucked outfit

Today I found myself in a strange mood of extravagance..... I went out nosing around and I bumped into:

Copacati Tucked by The Secret Store

For me, it strongly conjures up images of Piet Mondriaan’s brilliant play with lines and planes. I decided to style it with some gorgeous jewellery by Shi. It was – no surprise there - in Seraph City that we found this wonderful room with its checkered floor that so beautifully adds to the outfit’s design, to use as a backdrop.

Hope you like!


Dress:                   Copacati tucked shirt and pants, The Secret Store
Shoes:                   Cathy, REDGRAVE
Necklace:              Starburst Necklace, .Shi:
Bangle and ring:    Eye, .Shi:
Hair:                      Emo-Bordeaux, Vanity.
Nails:                     SkyWht, Finesmith