maandag 23 maart 2015

At Blithe, Lost Angel.

At Blithe, Lost Angel.

Early this morning I visited a great sim that was totally new to me: Blithe.
The weather was cloudy and foggy, so I was thinking, I needed nice, warm and comfortable clothing. For a walk in the forest and on the beach, that would be best.

I was really pleasantly surprised at what I found at Blithe.  All kinds of nice little hangouts and stunning scenery to explore. So versatile too: there are woods and forests, but also mountains, cliffs and beaches. Exciting pathways lead you from one discovery to the next and to replenish you can seek out the cafe and the coffee house. In short; an awesome place to hike and enjoy nature.

I spent 4 hours there and made some pictures too. When Seppe came online we went back there together to take this beautiful shot.
And all the while I was quite happy with my new Boots J They are also by Rich, just like the stiletto's I showed you before. New in the stores now.......

So what are you waiting for; drag your poor old feet over there, get them a pair of Riches and head off to Blithe to give them a good walk-in!

Photographer: Seppe Campese



Leather jacket ~!APHORISM
Chippie Jeans ~sYs
Necklace High-tech ~Tchelo's
Rings: Mystery girl ~Ariska
Glasses: "Vintage" Silver ~HAYSURIZA'.
Piercing: Eastern star ~Eshi Otawara
Hair: Raven ~Shi
Boots: Amphibious suede ~Rich.

Hope you Like!

Taxi for Boots:

Taxi for Sim:

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