zondag 19 januari 2014

The Looking Glass on Horizon Dream

The Looking Glass on Horizon Dream

A complete sim, dedicated to the arts....music, poetry, architecture, photography. Loaded with incredible spots to take your photo's or, as we do - let's face it - snaps....hahaha! That's OK; we love it, it brings us lots of fun and pleasure.

This place.... made of and for dreams and dreaming, like no other. So many different atmospheres, styles and moods you can lose yourself in and imagine to be someone -or something- else. In places far away. Unknown, unheard of, hidden in your deepest dreams.

Seppe saw the Jannah butterfly grace the earth by fluttering down almost ethereal from this wondrous night sky ...........so sweet.....

Soooo....I know, I hear you: what was I wearing...:-)


Jacket and Shirt: Chic Jacket~NS
Jeans:  Weekend jeans~Drift
Shoes:  Charol Ultra~Chic Zafari
Collar: Vintage Collar~Maitreya
Necklace: Vintage~Maitreya
Makeup:  Shena~Madrid Solo
Hair: Luella~Truth

Hope you like!