zondag 10 november 2013

Bayou Night

Bayou Night

Seppe taught me how to wrestle alligators and now they won't leave me alone. They follow me everywhere; even on a nightly stroll through the impressive bayou of New Toulouse, browsing Yelena's Shack, they wouldn't leave me be.....

Rain was pouring and the night was downright spooky, with hints of hoodoo around every corner.......Seppe had the time of his life, he was roaring with laughter. He ’s convinced that my reptile leather pants had something to do with it. That's all just mighty fine, but it's real scary being trapped between a fifteen ft. alligator and your own emerging sprit. All this time Seppe was humming this song in between his bursts of laughter –

Anyway; New Toulouse Bayou is a wonderful place to visit if you like that sort of thing. When you do, do not fail to look up Yelena's Shack and rummage through her authentic furniture and stuff. As for my dreaded pants; here's the stylecard:


TOP: Daleth Wrap Mystic~SHI
Body Cuff: TSADE ~SHI
Pants: Outre~SHI
Shoes: Isabella GOS
Hair: *BROOKLYNE*~ EMO-tions
Make-up: Wild
Ring: Mother's big pearl ring~LaGyo

Hope you like!